Rosa Amdi

Founder of AMALA Rosa Amdi.

We make luxurious and beautiful interior design products for children. Our products are both classic and playful in their expression – products which we believe both children and their parents will enjoy

‘AMALA’ is Sanskrit and means ‘most pure’.

It is important for us that our products are ‘pure’ and of top quality – that is why our bedding sets are GOTS certified and produced in 100% organic cotton.

Rosa Amdi spent a big part of her childhood in India and the inspiration for this collection is also to be found in this colourful country.

“I have a passion for the beautiful, graphical and adventurous patterns of India which I combine with a more Scandinavian design tradition giving the collection a clean expression. With this collection, we have created bedding, which we hope both children and their parents will love.”

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